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Jun. 27th, 2015 11:07 pm
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Dear Rare Pair partner, I'm sorry I took forever to write this letter! I hope it is helpful somehow, and if that's so, hopefully you can have fun with it. :)

My main requests for any selected pairing are for a first time story with happy ending (ship-wise), pretty please. :) I'm quite open to a lot and, regardless how long this letter is, easy to please: I don't want nor expect something tailored exactly to my requests, feel free to select any prompts or likes and to branch out a little or all you want from the ideas. Or working on a totally different idea.

My very favorite likes (but I enjoy more tropes and stuff not listed here): I love every kind of First Time stories in particular. I love dysfunctional relationships, co-dependency, three-way relationships (mutual affections are important to me), opposite attracts, denial of feelings. I really enjoy angst with happy ending and hurt/comfort (on MCU fic, particularly if Steve is the hurt character *wink wink* about the other fandoms, however, I have no preference for a character over the other as the hurt fellow), UST getting resolved, straight guys 'gay' only for each other, slow burn, arranged or accidental marriage, soulmates/soulbonding (accidental soulbonding in particular, where the partners are unhappy at first but then work a way to make it work and find they are happy with the bond after all – or romething around those lines), time travel and paradox, fix-its, dystopias and apocalyptic setting, dark themes, non con or torture and/or recovery, severe hurt and recovery from it, disability, blindness, PTSD, dealing with homophobic media or Ocs, queer themes, outing and coming out, plotty stories. Any rating is fine, sex is welcome but optional: while I totally enjoy an additional smutty scene at some point of the fic, I'm mostly interested in characterization, the build up of their feelings, the plot.

Dislikes: death of requested character(s), cheating or betrayal or breakups of relationships, generally unhappy ending about requested ships' romantic status. I don't really like established relationship, pre-slash, love triangles where members of a threesome love one more over the other, gen and fuck-buddies not becoming romantic partners eventually. MCU specific request: please no woobiefication of Tony or Bucky.

MCU: James "Bucky" Barnes/Steve Rogers/Tony Stark

I love MCU and these version of the selected characters, particularly on the early stage (but I also love the current canon versions if you'd rather write those) when the old Avenger team was still a new thing, Steve was still a bit lost and lonely and out of the loop in this age, but gained total confidence when he had someone to fight, Tony was still a (official or unofficial) team member, the movie trope 'it's (any) Stark to blame' wasn't still a thing (Killian, Ultron, Agent Carter...) - I like heroes to be heroes, not scapegoats or accidental/unintentional villains - and Steve and Tony's friendship was still a shaky thing. About Bucky, I admit I enjoyed his sunny nature when he wasn't compromised by long captivity in HYDRA bases yet, so while it isn't necessary and I'd enjoy somber post-Winter Soldier Bucky, I'd love to read a more positive and self-assured Bucky over other versions of him post-captivity. Favorites are Steve centric fics (I admit he's my favorite Marvel character, so more Steve centric fic will make me totally happy) or if not Steve centric, a relationship centric fic where no character has more focus over the others. Both canon compliant and AU (Modern days born Bucky and Steve and other and Divergent Canon AUs are welcome). I love both no/pre-serum skinny Steve and Super Soldier Steve, feel free to pick either for your story (or both if story is about Steve losing serum enhancements or other). I also love less common sexual dynamics: either bottom!Steve and top!Tony and Top!Bucky, or flexible/reversible characters enjoying no fixed bed roles. (About kinks, I love penetrative sex, if D/S dynamics happen in your fic, I'll be happy to write a list).

Some prompts you can ignore if they don't inspire you can be found at this link:

Agents of SHIELD: Mike Peterson/Antoine Triplett

They are my favorite characters from Agents of SHILED, hands down, and to get a fix-it fic where they meet each other, work over a case (or something like that), and then end up as a pairing for the end of it, would be just awesome! Generous, always optimistic and with aces in the hole Trip, while Mike whose life (or actually in-canon villains) played a nasty joke and turned in a cyborg. I do love cyborg characters, cybernetics and gritty medical/technical details of this kind in stories about cyborgs, bitter-sweet Bourne flavoured stories with romantic subplot. I'm also fine if you'd rather write a domestic (or non domestic), kid fic with them and Mike's kid. Or a different story about them of your liking, I'm open to a lot. I just ask you to avoid my DNWs (so Trip is not death - or he dies but then turns back alive because of plot reason) and make it slash.

For prompts,  please take a look at the other requests for inspiration.

Crossovers - Fandom 
Noir/Any Marvel Universe: Noir!Rhodey/AnyUniverse!Steve/Noir!Tony

I'm so fond of Iron Man Noir, and always happy to read more fic set in this canon, particularly if it includes Steve. Rhodey and Tony having adventures Indiana Jones style, and non-powered Steve going with them. Or they fighting Nazis and finding Steve kept prisoner in some base (Steve kidnapped with the intention of turn him in the next Zemo, even if not a scientist, because of his Serum-enhanced brains? Or just kidnapped to reproduce the Super-Serum or other like that) I leave it to you to decide what Universe Steve comes from (I'm happy with any!) or if to write a Noir in-Universe Steve where he never got his body enhanced, so he's just a sickly (or just skinny, depending on which Universe you choose) kid from Brooklyn who's living in New York, or trying to find his opportunity to fight Nazis too, or other. Feel free to mention Arnie Roth (or Bucky if you go with MCU) as his childhood friend. Feel also free to write the plot of your heart, I'd like if it includes the three of them getting together in a romantic relationship.

Some prompts you can ignore if they don't inspire you can be found at this link:

Ultimates/MCU: Ults!Steve/MCU!Steve/MCU!Tony

I talked about some aspects I like about MCU and Noir setting and characters. About Ultimates I have to admit my mixed feelings for the canon (cruel and tragic with no hope for a better end or forms of redemption). However, for some reason, I adore Ults!Steve, particularly in the early stage (also in consideration I've fallen way behind with my comic readings - but I don't mind at all if you write about canon I'm not familiar with, any moment in the canon you wish to base your fic on is fine with me). 

Prompt 1: Either Ults!Steve gets stranded on MCU (I'd prefer if set on late MCU canon where Steve/Tony are already good friends) and MCU!Tony and MCU!Steve coming to the rescue (either of Ults!Steve or of anyone who was the first to meet Ults!Steve :p). They find they can't send him back, so they keep him with them (like a stray cat?). I'd love to read your take over Ults!Steve/Steve and Ults!Steve/Tony dynamics in particular. :) Bonus for bed sharing while sleeping, or after sex.

Prompt 2: MCU!Steve and MCU!Tony (maybe at an earlier stage of their acuaintanceship in this case? But you can do however you prefer) are the ones stranded on the Ultimates' Universe with no way to go back (no Secret Wars though pretty please, nor Steve's death or other like that? Early Ultimate is preferred over late Ultimate) and Steve is the one dealing with it. Please, eventual happy/happy-ish ending about this ship. I'd also love to read how MCU characters adapt to live in this Universe.

Prompt 3: Fix-it story, where time gets reset and character deaths or tragedies are erased from the timeline, thanks to MCU!Tony &/or either!Steve' intervention. Bad news: to keep things that way, someone will never be able to go back home and will be stranded in the other universe.

Justice League & Justice League Unlimited (Cartoons): John Stewart/Wally West

I love both Wally and John to pieces, I love the way their friendship is portrayed in the cartoon and I'd be thrilled to read a first time story about this ship. Feel free to focus either on one character or on everyone in the ship, while describing how their relationship is born, accidentally, after a slow burn, after misunderstandings later cleared, after a night of revelry, etc.

Prompt 1: Flash is helping GL on an extra-planetary mission, when something goes wrong.

Prompt 2: John or Wally finds out their counterparts from a parallel Universe are in a romantic relationship with each other. He needs to decide what to do with this piece of info.

Prompt 3: Justice Lord John and/or Wally gets stranded (forever?) in their Universe, the normal dynamics of their relationship is disrupted when certain interests are born and rivalry/jealousy reveals a denial of feelings. (happy ending with either pairing of your choice).

Prompt 4: When he gets infected by an alien virus, it starts with consume his superpowers and and make him unable to tap from the Speed Force/or/weaken his willpower and make him unable of using his ring. But the virus doesn't stop there, and it's a race against time.

Prompt 5: They get wrongly arrested for a felony on some alien planet and become inmates of a penal colony set on an asteroid or some hostile planet.

Prompt 6: Being a hero gets you used to be the center of the media attention, but when some reporter publicly outs you... well, let's just say it feels more like to be in the center of a storm. But the worse part of this all matter is when the guy you're secretly in love with starts acting differently.

Feel free to ignore the prompts if you don't like them or to look at prompts in the other requests or to use only the lists of my likes and dislikes.

Young Justice (Cartoon): Barry Allen/Hal Jordan/John Stewart, Kaldur'ahm/Wally West, John Stewart/Wally West

This cartoon was also great, story arc kind of narration is my favorite, and Young Justice had great main story arcs (and several shorter ones intertwined to it were also great). My favorite being the secret invasion theme from the second season (I love politics, conspiracies, etc). I loved all the characters (though I'd enjoyed more screen time for the other senior leaguer besides Batman, Superman and Flash), Kaldur, Wally and Jaime were my favorites among the main cast. I'll be thrilled to get a story featuring any of my selectioned pairings. If my prompts don't inspire you feel free to write the story of your heart, I just ask you to not include my DNWs, and possibly to make it a first time.

- Barry/Hal/John

Prompt 1: they sit close to each others around the assemble table at the Watch Tower. They like to hang around with each others whenever their downtime schedules coincide. They spend holidays together at one or the other's place. And they still are oblivious of their real feelings for each other! Something had to happen to get them realizing it and stopping the UST. (Please, make them originally not in a relationship with ladies, breakups are bitter/sad things.) Feel free to use any likes in combination if you wish.

Prompt 2: While staying on a planet populated by warring alien people for a diplomatic mission, Hal and John get themselves arrested for a cultural misunderstanding. Barry gets so worried for getting no news or updates from the planetary minister that decides to
. (version a) setting himself arrested to make sure the Lanterns are still fine, or
. (version b) scanning the alien people's laws, Bruce and him decide the safer way to get the Lanterns out is to demonstrate they are married and both subordinate to a top: weddings in this planets aren't binary, the top (the boss) can have up to 3 subordinates and the local justice would defer to him/her about the right punishment when subordinates commit any insubordination. By this law the top has the right of bail his subordinates out and apply any punishment he/she sees fitting. Barry offers himself to pass off as John and Hal's top, of course. Hilarity and awkward situations or anything you see fitting with this scenario will ensue. (You're welcome to discard or change anything about the prompt, of course).

- John/Wally

Prompt: Alternate Canon where Barry never acquires superpowers. Wally does though, and John is assigned to be the one in charge of tutor the very young and brash Speedster. Wally gets an instant crush on John. Years go by, stuff happens, Wally reach the adulthood, but his crush is still there. Maybe he should just stop calling it 'crush'. Please, give this story an happy ending (and discard or change anything you want). Go wild.

Prompt (possibly similar to prompt above, but if you have other ideas feel free to explore): student/teacher in non powered AU story.

Prompt: At a time Wally was just a teenager (before the superpowers) John accidentally caught some teenager beat up a boy he didn't personally know. He felt a kinship feeling with the poor kid and helped him with the gang, staying for a while longer and friending him. It turned out John was the one Wally called whenever he gained his superpowers, becoming his tutor. Fast forward, Wally is 20 or something, and John realizes his feelings for the kid are turning in something different....

- Kaldur/Wally

I'm totally fine if it's a fix-story about Wally's death at the end of the series. ;) (I suppose making Artemis and Wally's relationship like one of friendship is all right? I love both but I don't ship the pairing and I don't like break ups).

Prompt about season 2: Wally gets captured by Kaldur's people while he is working as a spy, they put a collar on Wally that keeps him from using his powers. Kaldur and Artemis now have to find a way to keep him alive and not compromise their mission.


Some more optional prompts for every ships, feel free to change or ignore if you don't like them: blinded, really seeing for the first time / a secret that isn't a secret anymore / "In the past, it's always worried me when he said it, but this is one time he was right. This job is gonna be a piece of cake." That is when things take a steep turn downside and everything falls apart. Badly. /post cartoon canon, Wally or Barry comes back not from death but from... something callled Speed Force dimension? He's alive and well, isn't he?
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