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Here below there are one or some ideas for each tag, please use them or turn them in a different story, or ignore them if you don't like the ideas. Just a first time with happy ending that don't include any of my DNWs will make me happy if you can't do any of the following prompts, don't worry. :) 

For any questions or specific requests, this post should be unlocked for anon comments.
Steve Rogers/Tony Stark
  • AU - Ghosts
  • AU - Post-Apocalypse
  • AU - Prison/Penitentiary inmates
  • AU - Soulmates
  • AU - TRON fusion
  • Canon AU - Different First Meeting
  • Canon AU - Identity Porn
  • Canon AU - Project Insight Successfully Launched
  • Canon AU - Super Soldier Program Failed/Worked Differently
  • Canon AU – Prisoner(s)/Test Subject(s) of SHIELD
  • AU - Slavery
  • Canon AU - Powers on Known Timer/Expiration
  • Canon AU - Sense Impaired Character

James "Rhodey" Rhodes/Steve Rogers/Tony Stark
  • AU - Cyborgs
  • AU - Lost/Stranded Somewhere
  • AU - Prostitute
  • Canon AU - Identity Porn
  • Canon AU - Sense Impaired Character
  • Canon AU - Super Soldier Program Failed/Worked Differently
  • Canon AU - Winter Soldier Has Different Identity
  • AU - 1940s
  • AU - Dystopia
  • AU - TRON fusion
  • Canon AU - Differently Powered
  • Canon AU - Project Insight Successfully Launched
  • Canon AU - Time Travel
  • Canon AU - WWII HYDRA Victory

James “Bucky” Barnes/Steve Rogers/Tony Stark
  • AU - 1940s
  • AU - Cyborgs
  • AU - Dystopia
  • AU - Prostitute
  • Canon AU - Super Soldier Program Failed/Worked Differently
  • Canon AU - WWII HYDRA Victory
  • Canon AU – Prisoner(s)/Test Subject(s) of SHIELD
  • AU - Lost/Stranded Somewhere
  • AU - Post-Apocalypse
  • AU - Prison/Penitentiary inmates
  • AU - Spies and Secret Agents
  • AU - TRON fusion
  • Canon AU - Differently Powered
  • Canon AU - Project Insight Successfully Launched
  • Canon AU - Sense Impaired Character
  • Canon AU - Time Travel

James "Rhodey" Rhodes/Steve Rogers
  • AU - 1940s
  • AU - BDSM
  • AU - Dystopia
  • AU - Prostitute
  • AU - Regency
  • AU - Slavery
  • Canon AU - Identity Porn
  • Canon AU - Super Soldier Program Failed/Worked Differently
  • Canon AU - Time Travel
  • Canon AU - Winter Soldier Has Different Identity
  • Canon AU - WWII HYDRA Victory
  • AU - Military
  • AU - VA or Mental Health Clinic Inmates
  • Canon AU - Comics Canon
  • Canon AU - Powers on Known Timer/Expiration

AU - Ghosts

Something based on canon would make me happy, like: Tony dying, Steve mourning his death and, dunno, thinking of another chance lost again? Then Tony starting inhabiting his own IM suit to warn Steve of something? I'd love a plot twist to the end, where both are reunited either in form of spirits, to be together as ghosts or where Tony come back alive somehow (some magic? He wasn't really died, his body became incorporeal for some days/weeks? Sad endings make me sad for days, an happy ending would be perfect and appreciated! Bonus: Steve confessing something (up to you what it is about) over Tony's tomb/body, while Tony's hearing.

AU - Post-Apocalypse

Survival scenario in a post apocalyptic world! I'd love this one post movies, but I'm fine with the characters to meet for the first time in your story. It can just the two of them sticking together and searching for suvivors, trying to set a camp for survivors, or different scenario. One of them being hurt, the other assisting him in this desperate situation. I like the feeling of loss for a death Earth being sweetened by them being aware they aren't alone in this. First time or friends to lovers. Reciprocal comfort is welcome too.

AU - Prison/Penitentiary inmates

Alternate canon, where superpowered people are made wear collars that keep their superpowers at bay and then incarcerated, or mundane AU where they have been wrongly imprisoned for a crime they haven't committed (or they did?). It is a survival setting too, I love those. Your selected characters share the same cell, try to survive, comfort each other in the hell, and find love in the process, grim realty they are in notwithstanding. Sexy moments for mutual comfort purposes are welcome (but not needed of course). Non con, or mention of, are also fine with me. Steve can or cannot be skinny if you want.

AU - Soulmates

Anything will be great with this! But a favorite is when characters start off on the wrong foot and hate the revelation they are meant to each other, but then they slowly come around and fall in love, or realize they were in denial, or something like that. Happy ending of course!

AU - TRON fusion

One character as Tron and the other as human would be great!! I'd possibly prefer if this borrows the setting and the plot is yours original, rather than following the movie plot step by step. But I let to you the decision of what do. Or else, alternate canon where Rhodey and Tony are Iron Man and War Machine, but Steve (and Bucky) are Tony's (or someone else's?) programs and baddy tries to kill Tony (and Rhodey) but they get sent into the grid instead. I'd love if eventually Steve (and Bucky) leaves the grid to stay with Tony (and Rhodey).

Canon AU - Different First Meeting

It would be fun just mix this prompt with some identity porn, but. Well, I'll suggest some prompts. Like the classics: Tony is the one to find Cap into the ice. Or, Steve is found just around Iron Man 1 and so his first mission is to assist Rhodey to find and save Tony while he's still reeling for the loss of everyone and everything important to him. Or, twitching the canon, Steve is a modern military guy, no superpowers, and he's the one captured and kept in the caves together with Tony in place of Yinsen.

Canon AU - Identity Porn

Steve meets Tony but he doesn't know he's Iron Man too, maybe he believes Iron Man is Rhodey, or Happy. 
Options: Disfunctional first meeting, Steve and Tony dislike each other at first. But Cap and IM hit it right away and like each other so very much.
Not disfunctional first meeting: Steve and Tony like each other right away when they are introduced, but are biased about the capped counterparts, Tony dislikes Captain America because has this idea he's self-righteous or something, and Steve dislikes Iron Man because the SHIELD biased report portrayed the armored hero more similar to a villain than a hero.
Or the mixed up version: Steve things worlds about Iron Man but dislikes Tony, Tony really likes (or have a crush on) Steve but can't stand Cap. (Or same but flipped.)
Happy romantic ending with a plot twist or two would be lovely.

Canon AU - Project Insight Successfully Launched

This tag means Tony and Rhodey are going to die (Tony's face, and possibly Rhodey's too, I'm unsure of my memory, appeared on the list of primary targets to kill), or that something like with Fury happens where HYDRA people think all their targets are death, but some are survived the strike. This anyway set the basis for a good angsty, dystopic story, and I'd love to read that. I'm fine in both cases, whether you want to make the romance happen as main plot or as subplot. Fugitive Cap, getting the help of a still unstable Bucky, supported by Sam who is alive only because he wasn't in the list at the time. They somehow reunite with other Avengers survived to the assault and try to regroup. But many good people are died because Steve failed (and he was seriously hurt at the time, and they couldn't take him to an hospital), and many are risen to power position because of that. The council itself could become HYDRA in short order. I think a lot of interesting stuff could be explored in this scenario.

Canon AU - Super Soldier Program Failed/Worked Differently

I'm fine with both 'failed' or 'worked differently'. What if serum changed his body size, making him all muscley but don't clear Steve's body from illnesses or something like that? So we have the strongest man alive of the '40ies that could easily get ill and die if he don't stay warm in winter? Or flipping that, what if serum didn't change his body size? He is still small and sickly looking but he does is much stronger, and hardly get ill. I suppose they wouldn't have much use of him for the USO tour, though, but there's the chance he was with Colonel Phillis troups earlier. Well, what I mean the propaganda tour could have showed a different face for Captain America, or Captain America as symbol never was created, and when Steve is found they have no idea who he is? Go on from here.

Canon AU – Prisoner(s)/Test Subject(s) of SHIELD

Oooh, this sounds intriguing. I think it could inspire many kind of plot lines and I'm fine with read any you wish to plan. These are some options I came up with, but you can ignore and do your own thing. 
Is it an evil SHIELD and every superpowered people is captured and experimented on in order to make them obedient mind-washed puppets/assets? Are the Avengers a mind-washed squad just used for extreme danger, suicidal, missions? I'd love how someone in the squad realizes they are brain-washed and prisoners and tries to convince the others of that too. So they all try to break out (maybe during/after a mission?). 
I'm fine if they are differently powered (Bruce being not Hulk but a scientist? Or he was converted to make him Hulk because he refused to experiment on them?) Tony as a mind-enhanced guy able to connect to the internet with his mind (much alike to comic-Extremis). It's up to you, these were just example. 
Or, other bunny: Steve (alone) isn't to be sent to missions, he's just specimen because of the serum, to be experimented on (I love 'kidnapping, torture, rescue later' stories) on for other reasons like replicate the serum, or clone his body, or create bio-weaponry serum based. 
Please, I'd love a first time with a selected pairing too.

AU - Slavery

I'd love if slaves are to be used for sexual and reproductive reasons too. I'd love Rhodey or Tony as the master and Steve the acquired sex slave (if Tony a gift from Obadiah or someone else, or if Rhodey a gift from Tony?). It's up to you if Steve was Captain America, a free man and a symbol of freedom (and that could be why Tony or Rhodey bought him?), or if this is a non powered world. Steve can optionally be scrawny Steve. Love story pretty please. Some likes: Steve is angry or bitter and sarcastic to them at first, but later some kind of understanding is reached? Yes to past non con, if you're okay with this too. Sexytimes are optional but welcome, no PWP though? Alpha/Beta/Omega where Steve is an Omega and Tony/Rhodey an Alpha is welcome too. Heats or mpreg are welcome but unnecessary.

Canon AU - Powers on Known Timer/Expiration

He always knew it would happened, Erskin warned him, but he kind-of forgot about it, or maybe it was wishful thinking. After the final fight against Ultron, Steve reverts back to his scrawny, sickly former self. It can be quick or painfully slow. He thought he had finally a home and a place in this new era, now it isn't so anymore. Tony or Rhodey try to make him fit in their lives, though they didn't plan they would end to start dating/get together/have sex. They can work with that.

AU - Cyborgs

Them as cyborg heroes or policemen, maybe in futuristic setting, or in a dystopic world, or in the space heroing, with their metal bodies but human minds and hearts still of men. Body horror and non consensual body modification are welcome (maybe they were death, someone found their bodies were well preserved and converted them in what they are now. They get free but angst for what they did to them. Tony can be human, and the one who help them in their new lives, to find a purpose, to find a home. First time please. Talks about sex (and actual sex) are welcome, but not needed, had you to like explore those too.
AU Lost/Stranded Somewhere

The classic, they are stranded somewhere, possibly their tech tools don't work there because of magnetic interference or something, and it's possible that will be their home for the rest of their lives. They try to make it be homey as they can, try to survive any peril the nature pose (too cold <3, too desert, too hot, water is hard to find, dangerous fauna, it's up to you). They didn't anticipated the UST, but here they are and first time happen. It's up to you if they are eventually rescued (if they are, they aren't stepping back from lovers to friends again though, please?).

AU - Prostitute

Prostitute Steve, please! Skinny or bulky, it's up to you. No 'he didn't deserve it, he needs to be saved' trope, please? But I'm totally fine with Steve stops to prostitute because he falls in love and wants to stay with his boyfriend. Maybe Steve selling his services to buy meds for himself or his mother, when he meets with Tony or Rhodey or Bucky? Or, Bucky didn't believed about it until he saw it with his very eyes. If Bucky/Steve/Tony, I'd like Tony and Bucky are attracted to each other, then Steve comes in the picture and they don't know if to be jealous or possessive or heartbroken. Tony and Bucky fighting and being childing, but then they realizing they both really care for Steve too and wanting the other to be happy more than everything. And eventually someone commenting the three of them should get together instead of that insanity or something?  

Canon AU - Sense Impaired Character

Again, Steve. How is to be a sightless Captain America? They find him into the eyes, and Tony wants to find build some prop (like JARVIS? An assist talking to him while they fight?) to help him to go back to the missions, if that's something Steve would want? Or something different will do. Tell me the story. Romance, though, please?

Canon AU - Winter Soldier Has Different Identity

Steve as Winter Soldier, Bucky as Captain America. Or Bucky broke out from the conditioning many years ago, and they took Rhodey, enhanced him and used him as the Winter Soldier for the last 5 or 10 years. Whether it is Steve or Rhodey, they rescue him/break the conditioning HYDRA has on him/try to make him remember, etc. Love happens in the process. 

AU - 1940s

Either non powered, mundane AU where sickly Steve meets Rhodey, becomes friends with him and then lovers (well, it could or couldn't necessarily in this order); or it could be Rhodey becoming a member of the Howling Commandos (either they could have met while Steve was still sickly, or they could meet during the rescue), and then becoming secretly (or not so secretly as they wish) lovers. I'd love, but it is totally optional, if there is some mention of the fear of being found out and being kicked out from the army with disgrace or something around those lines. What if they meet in a bar for deviants (or whatever was the word they used to call themselves during these years)?

Canon AU - Differently Powered

Tony is the engineer, Rhodey is Iron Man, Steve is Winter Soldier, Bucky is Captain America or War Machine? Or, tiny Steve is War Machine? Or they all have different powers? Or else again, go wild with your own idea. Please, first time anyway?

Canon AU - Time Travel

Something happen and he/they need to travel back in time, maybe a baddie run back in time to change the history or something? And they ask Captain America's (and Bucky's assistance. But it is time to go back and they find they are stuck and can't go back to the future. The point is, in this verse, Iron Man and/or War Machine were heroes of the forties, so they stay (and become lovers with Steve (and Bucky)). Or it is an accident where baddie send him/them back in time, and he/them still are stuck back in time. Or, if you dislike that option: they go back in the future, and meet again with Steve (and not-Winter Soldier Bucky) when they find him (them) into the ice. Happy ending either way it goes, pretty please? :)

Canon AU - WWII HYDRA Victory

I'd love read your take with a world like this, where HYDRA winning meant they crashed every threats, by killing them or seizing and brainwashing them. I'd love Steve (and Bucky) as powerful assets used by HYDRA, Tony helps to capture him/them (though the original plan was to kill him/them, then they think they could use the info by forcing the asset(s) to talk (by using truth serum injections or machines on them?) and use the intel to defeat HYDRA??) but something happens and they realize they captured a brainwashed Captain America (and Bucky?) or something like that?
Or it could be Steve still fighting with a thin group of rebels, with no particular plot, just showing their lives as criminals who keep fighting to stop the cruel Government, the horrors, and free all the people, though it seem a desperate battle and many tell they already lost a long ago. First time, please?

AU - Dystopia

One day alien people came and enslaved the Earth's people. Avengers are vigilantes trying to stop the dictatorship and give back freedom to the people on the planet. Romance is something they can't afford right now, but you can't command your heart to not fall in love...

AU - Spies and Secret Agents

Bourne Identity (the movie) kind of story is the first thing that comes to my mind, but any spy (group or solo) story will do too. I particularly love original plots over plots following some movie step by step. Tony as someone to be spied over, Steve and Bucky as spies. Or Bucky is the spy, Steve is Tony's bodyguard? Or else, the three of them are a team of spies, Tony is the hacker (?) and tech support expert, the one with the gadgets. The others are the ones actually sent on the missions, except when something happens and Tony finds himself in the wrong place at the wrong time, and they have decide if to save the mission or save Tony. Maybe they are able to save both, someone get hurt in the process but it is a close call for them and the UST is stopped and a threeway relationship started.


I'm fine if it is a mundane AU, though I have a slight preference for being tailored into the MCU Canon. Everyone think Steve is an Dom, but he is a Sub, and like any Subs he needs to submit to relieve the stress of being a Sub means (when not in a relationship). I particularly love when this verse isn't power-unbalanced. Tops have needs too, it is hard for them being without a Sub etc. No discipline kink, please? I'm fine with everything but that or scat. Though, if there's sex, I do love impact play or other pain practices (because both the Dom and the Sub love it, *not* because they need to discipline a disobedient Sub). Bondage (with chains? I love the looks of chains keeping Steve constrained and in position throught everything their partner makes to them) and blindfold or a gag, cock cages, plugs, prince wand or other harnesses are all welcome! So it is intercourse with Steve bottoming. Everything consensual. Non con is fine for prior relationships only, please? Unless there are misunderstandings occurring, like: 'rules are changed but no one remembered to inform Steve of that.' I'd really love to read this scenario, where eventually both the parties are sorry, but not scarred enough and start over their relationship with a talk and more reciprocal understanding. :D Steve (or Rhodey) as virgin is a welcome addition. I'm fine if you mix BDSM AU with ABO AU (Doms are Alpha, Subs are Omega who have heats and can get pregnant?). It's your decision, though.

AU - Regency

I'd prefer, but it is optional, no gender swapping. Rhodey and Steve, both men who fall in love with each other and eventually decide to not marry a lady to be together and be happy, if keeping a clandestine relationship.

AU - Military

They are (non-powered) trench soldiers, or pilots. Steve can be small or built up. They start off as good friends, they challenge each other in contest games (I shot down one more than you today), they have fun to just not go crazy or give themselves to the depression. At night, they secretly slip in the same bunk to share body heat, and comfort each other through the nightmares, about all the friends they have lost, about they die too. And then came the kisses and the making love.  Or something less angsty, if you don't like angst, if fine. Happy ending.

AU - VA or Mental Health Clinic Inmates

I'd prefer the VA Hospital over a civil Health Clinic, if I get to choose, where they are War Veterans too broken to go back to a normal life among civilians, with no family to take care of them in the real world. The VA ward is their home now, some inmates (and the staff?) the closest they have to a family. They aren't too broken to not realize they could be falling in love with each other.
Canon AU - Comics Canon

President of USA Rogers? Director of SHIELD Stark? Commander Rogers and his Secret Avengers unit? And of course Director Stark/Commander Rogers on MCU! Give me the MCU characters with comic versions of their roles in the MCU canon, make them interact and get together. It can be through a risky mission, or during the training session in the helicarrier gim, or it could be Tony or Rhodey paying visits to President Steve to convince him to let him be his bodyguard. First time of course. <3


While I was selecting the tags I couldn't help to think many AUs could worked together in the same story. I'll make a list with examples of where my mind went on about this line of thinking, but feel free to ignore any if they don't work for you. There are more, but I'll keep it shorter because this letter is way too long.

AU 1940s + Canon AU Time Travel + Canon AU WWII HYDRA Victory

HYDRA won the war and caused 70 years of suffering, Tony (and Rhodey) secretly built a machine to travel back in time and try to fix that. He/then meets Steve (and Bucky). (and hates him at first? or worships him? was Steve still alive when Tony was born or he was executed when Hydra won the war?

AU Dystopia + AU Prostitute + AU Slavery + Canon AU WWII HYDRA Victory

HYDRA winning meant Slavery to be instated, any people against HYDRA regime are to be enslaved, a shock collar (or a depowering collar?) is put on them to keep them obedient. Tony and Rhodey, who live in this era, find Steve, the icon of Freedom, is alive but kept as a sex slave. They need to rescue him.

AU 1940s + AU Prostitute

Unpowered AU where Tony walks on Brooklyn streets and meets (skinny?) Steve while he's prostituting himself. Maybe he needs moneys for expensive meds? And things go on from there. (Btw, if you should tackle this prompt and decide to go on the sex route, my preference is for bottom Steve and possibly intercourse - but I'll read bottom Tony or blow jobs too if that's your preference ;-) ). No 'make/be feeling guilty/shame' or 'feeling less because he prostituted himself', please. I like when all the parties are level headed, I don't when some are portrayed as self-righteous.

or: Tony meets skinny Steve who's offering sexual favors as means to pass the hardships (note: he doesn't think less of himself, nor is forced by others to prostitute himself). Up to you how to proceed from here. 
I've come across this post:
That could possibly offer for interesting insights for this request.

AU Regency ( + optionally AU BDSM )

In the Regency time period proper decorum is of the utmost importance, but anything can happen behind closed doors. Story of how a prohibited and conflicting affair between two single gentlemen is born. 

AU Regency + AU A/B/O + AU Slavery + AU Prostitute

Slavery in A/B/O world during the Regency era, it is common practice for many unmarried lords to keep sex slaves and breed slaves in their manors.

AU Cyborgs + WWII HYDRA Victory + Character is HYDRA + Differently Powered + Super Soldier Program Failed/Worked Differently

Tony is a scientist working for Hydra (I'd prefer he's still a good guy finding himself in the wrong time), he's the main mind who turned Steve's dead body (and Rhodey's and Bucky's??) into an alive asset, a cyborg owned by HYDRA. (So, temporary death. Feel free to play the brain wash card however you see fitting your story.)

Canon AU Sense Impaired Character, + AU Cyborgs

Steve comes back from the last fight having lost his senses (sight? hearing? possibly more?), Tony decides to build cybernetic implants to make him able to go back fighting and be Captain America.

Or, Steve's body is finally found frozen alive into the ice. When he's woken up they found the ice damaged his senses. What's his purpose in this new life? I'd like Tony/Rhodey would make it better (by romancing them or by building new working sci-fi-like prosthetics?)

AU Identity Porn + AU Differently Powered or + Canon AU Comics Canon

Same prompt above, but if Rhodey falls into the mix, I'd really love if he's Iron Man all the time complete with arc reactor to boot! <3

My letter

Jun. 27th, 2015 11:07 pm
leperu: (John/Wally in orbit)
Dear Rare Pair partner, I'm sorry I took forever to write this letter! I hope it is helpful somehow, and if that's so, hopefully you can have fun with it. :)

My main requests for any selected pairing are for a first time story with happy ending (ship-wise), pretty please. :) I'm quite open to a lot and, regardless how long this letter is, easy to please: I don't want nor expect something tailored exactly to my requests, feel free to select any prompts or likes and to branch out a little or all you want from the ideas. Or working on a totally different idea.

My very favorite likes (but I enjoy more tropes and stuff not listed here): I love every kind of First Time stories in particular. I love dysfunctional relationships, co-dependency, three-way relationships (mutual affections are important to me), opposite attracts, denial of feelings. I really enjoy angst with happy ending and hurt/comfort (on MCU fic, particularly if Steve is the hurt character *wink wink* about the other fandoms, however, I have no preference for a character over the other as the hurt fellow), UST getting resolved, straight guys 'gay' only for each other, slow burn, arranged or accidental marriage, soulmates/soulbonding (accidental soulbonding in particular, where the partners are unhappy at first but then work a way to make it work and find they are happy with the bond after all – or romething around those lines), time travel and paradox, fix-its, dystopias and apocalyptic setting, dark themes, non con or torture and/or recovery, severe hurt and recovery from it, disability, blindness, PTSD, dealing with homophobic media or Ocs, queer themes, outing and coming out, plotty stories. Any rating is fine, sex is welcome but optional: while I totally enjoy an additional smutty scene at some point of the fic, I'm mostly interested in characterization, the build up of their feelings, the plot.

Dislikes: death of requested character(s), cheating or betrayal or breakups of relationships, generally unhappy ending about requested ships' romantic status. I don't really like established relationship, pre-slash, love triangles where members of a threesome love one more over the other, gen and fuck-buddies not becoming romantic partners eventually. MCU specific request: please no woobiefication of Tony or Bucky.

MCU: James "Bucky" Barnes/Steve Rogers/Tony Stark

I love MCU and these version of the selected characters, particularly on the early stage (but I also love the current canon versions if you'd rather write those) when the old Avenger team was still a new thing, Steve was still a bit lost and lonely and out of the loop in this age, but gained total confidence when he had someone to fight, Tony was still a (official or unofficial) team member, the movie trope 'it's (any) Stark to blame' wasn't still a thing (Killian, Ultron, Agent Carter...) - I like heroes to be heroes, not scapegoats or accidental/unintentional villains - and Steve and Tony's friendship was still a shaky thing. About Bucky, I admit I enjoyed his sunny nature when he wasn't compromised by long captivity in HYDRA bases yet, so while it isn't necessary and I'd enjoy somber post-Winter Soldier Bucky, I'd love to read a more positive and self-assured Bucky over other versions of him post-captivity. Favorites are Steve centric fics (I admit he's my favorite Marvel character, so more Steve centric fic will make me totally happy) or if not Steve centric, a relationship centric fic where no character has more focus over the others. Both canon compliant and AU (Modern days born Bucky and Steve and other and Divergent Canon AUs are welcome). I love both no/pre-serum skinny Steve and Super Soldier Steve, feel free to pick either for your story (or both if story is about Steve losing serum enhancements or other). I also love less common sexual dynamics: either bottom!Steve and top!Tony and Top!Bucky, or flexible/reversible characters enjoying no fixed bed roles. (About kinks, I love penetrative sex, if D/S dynamics happen in your fic, I'll be happy to write a list).

Some prompts you can ignore if they don't inspire you can be found at this link: http://leperu.dreamwidth.org/5883.html

Agents of SHIELD: Mike Peterson/Antoine Triplett

They are my favorite characters from Agents of SHILED, hands down, and to get a fix-it fic where they meet each other, work over a case (or something like that), and then end up as a pairing for the end of it, would be just awesome! Generous, always optimistic and with aces in the hole Trip, while Mike whose life (or actually in-canon villains) played a nasty joke and turned in a cyborg. I do love cyborg characters, cybernetics and gritty medical/technical details of this kind in stories about cyborgs, bitter-sweet Bourne flavoured stories with romantic subplot. I'm also fine if you'd rather write a domestic (or non domestic), kid fic with them and Mike's kid. Or a different story about them of your liking, I'm open to a lot. I just ask you to avoid my DNWs (so Trip is not death - or he dies but then turns back alive because of plot reason) and make it slash.

For prompts,  please take a look at the other requests for inspiration.

Crossovers - Fandom 
Noir/Any Marvel Universe: Noir!Rhodey/AnyUniverse!Steve/Noir!Tony

I'm so fond of Iron Man Noir, and always happy to read more fic set in this canon, particularly if it includes Steve. Rhodey and Tony having adventures Indiana Jones style, and non-powered Steve going with them. Or they fighting Nazis and finding Steve kept prisoner in some base (Steve kidnapped with the intention of turn him in the next Zemo, even if not a scientist, because of his Serum-enhanced brains? Or just kidnapped to reproduce the Super-Serum or other like that) I leave it to you to decide what Universe Steve comes from (I'm happy with any!) or if to write a Noir in-Universe Steve where he never got his body enhanced, so he's just a sickly (or just skinny, depending on which Universe you choose) kid from Brooklyn who's living in New York, or trying to find his opportunity to fight Nazis too, or other. Feel free to mention Arnie Roth (or Bucky if you go with MCU) as his childhood friend. Feel also free to write the plot of your heart, I'd like if it includes the three of them getting together in a romantic relationship.

Some prompts you can ignore if they don't inspire you can be found at this link: http://leperu.dreamwidth.org/5883.html

Ultimates/MCU: Ults!Steve/MCU!Steve/MCU!Tony

I talked about some aspects I like about MCU and Noir setting and characters. About Ultimates I have to admit my mixed feelings for the canon (cruel and tragic with no hope for a better end or forms of redemption). However, for some reason, I adore Ults!Steve, particularly in the early stage (also in consideration I've fallen way behind with my comic readings - but I don't mind at all if you write about canon I'm not familiar with, any moment in the canon you wish to base your fic on is fine with me). 

Prompt 1: Either Ults!Steve gets stranded on MCU (I'd prefer if set on late MCU canon where Steve/Tony are already good friends) and MCU!Tony and MCU!Steve coming to the rescue (either of Ults!Steve or of anyone who was the first to meet Ults!Steve :p). They find they can't send him back, so they keep him with them (like a stray cat?). I'd love to read your take over Ults!Steve/Steve and Ults!Steve/Tony dynamics in particular. :) Bonus for bed sharing while sleeping, or after sex.

Prompt 2: MCU!Steve and MCU!Tony (maybe at an earlier stage of their acuaintanceship in this case? But you can do however you prefer) are the ones stranded on the Ultimates' Universe with no way to go back (no Secret Wars though pretty please, nor Steve's death or other like that? Early Ultimate is preferred over late Ultimate) and Steve is the one dealing with it. Please, eventual happy/happy-ish ending about this ship. I'd also love to read how MCU characters adapt to live in this Universe.

Prompt 3: Fix-it story, where time gets reset and character deaths or tragedies are erased from the timeline, thanks to MCU!Tony &/or either!Steve' intervention. Bad news: to keep things that way, someone will never be able to go back home and will be stranded in the other universe.

Justice League & Justice League Unlimited (Cartoons): John Stewart/Wally West

I love both Wally and John to pieces, I love the way their friendship is portrayed in the cartoon and I'd be thrilled to read a first time story about this ship. Feel free to focus either on one character or on everyone in the ship, while describing how their relationship is born, accidentally, after a slow burn, after misunderstandings later cleared, after a night of revelry, etc.

Prompt 1: Flash is helping GL on an extra-planetary mission, when something goes wrong.

Prompt 2: John or Wally finds out their counterparts from a parallel Universe are in a romantic relationship with each other. He needs to decide what to do with this piece of info.

Prompt 3: Justice Lord John and/or Wally gets stranded (forever?) in their Universe, the normal dynamics of their relationship is disrupted when certain interests are born and rivalry/jealousy reveals a denial of feelings. (happy ending with either pairing of your choice).

Prompt 4: When he gets infected by an alien virus, it starts with consume his superpowers and and make him unable to tap from the Speed Force/or/weaken his willpower and make him unable of using his ring. But the virus doesn't stop there, and it's a race against time.

Prompt 5: They get wrongly arrested for a felony on some alien planet and become inmates of a penal colony set on an asteroid or some hostile planet.

Prompt 6: Being a hero gets you used to be the center of the media attention, but when some reporter publicly outs you... well, let's just say it feels more like to be in the center of a storm. But the worse part of this all matter is when the guy you're secretly in love with starts acting differently.

Feel free to ignore the prompts if you don't like them or to look at prompts in the other requests or to use only the lists of my likes and dislikes.

Young Justice (Cartoon): Barry Allen/Hal Jordan/John Stewart, Kaldur'ahm/Wally West, John Stewart/Wally West

This cartoon was also great, story arc kind of narration is my favorite, and Young Justice had great main story arcs (and several shorter ones intertwined to it were also great). My favorite being the secret invasion theme from the second season (I love politics, conspiracies, etc). I loved all the characters (though I'd enjoyed more screen time for the other senior leaguer besides Batman, Superman and Flash), Kaldur, Wally and Jaime were my favorites among the main cast. I'll be thrilled to get a story featuring any of my selectioned pairings. If my prompts don't inspire you feel free to write the story of your heart, I just ask you to not include my DNWs, and possibly to make it a first time.

- Barry/Hal/John

Prompt 1: they sit close to each others around the assemble table at the Watch Tower. They like to hang around with each others whenever their downtime schedules coincide. They spend holidays together at one or the other's place. And they still are oblivious of their real feelings for each other! Something had to happen to get them realizing it and stopping the UST. (Please, make them originally not in a relationship with ladies, breakups are bitter/sad things.) Feel free to use any likes in combination if you wish.

Prompt 2: While staying on a planet populated by warring alien people for a diplomatic mission, Hal and John get themselves arrested for a cultural misunderstanding. Barry gets so worried for getting no news or updates from the planetary minister that decides to
. (version a) setting himself arrested to make sure the Lanterns are still fine, or
. (version b) scanning the alien people's laws, Bruce and him decide the safer way to get the Lanterns out is to demonstrate they are married and both subordinate to a top: weddings in this planets aren't binary, the top (the boss) can have up to 3 subordinates and the local justice would defer to him/her about the right punishment when subordinates commit any insubordination. By this law the top has the right of bail his subordinates out and apply any punishment he/she sees fitting. Barry offers himself to pass off as John and Hal's top, of course. Hilarity and awkward situations or anything you see fitting with this scenario will ensue. (You're welcome to discard or change anything about the prompt, of course).

- John/Wally

Prompt: Alternate Canon where Barry never acquires superpowers. Wally does though, and John is assigned to be the one in charge of tutor the very young and brash Speedster. Wally gets an instant crush on John. Years go by, stuff happens, Wally reach the adulthood, but his crush is still there. Maybe he should just stop calling it 'crush'. Please, give this story an happy ending (and discard or change anything you want). Go wild.

Prompt (possibly similar to prompt above, but if you have other ideas feel free to explore): student/teacher in non powered AU story.

Prompt: At a time Wally was just a teenager (before the superpowers) John accidentally caught some teenager beat up a boy he didn't personally know. He felt a kinship feeling with the poor kid and helped him with the gang, staying for a while longer and friending him. It turned out John was the one Wally called whenever he gained his superpowers, becoming his tutor. Fast forward, Wally is 20 or something, and John realizes his feelings for the kid are turning in something different....

- Kaldur/Wally

I'm totally fine if it's a fix-story about Wally's death at the end of the series. ;) (I suppose making Artemis and Wally's relationship like one of friendship is all right? I love both but I don't ship the pairing and I don't like break ups).

Prompt about season 2: Wally gets captured by Kaldur's people while he is working as a spy, they put a collar on Wally that keeps him from using his powers. Kaldur and Artemis now have to find a way to keep him alive and not compromise their mission.


Some more optional prompts for every ships, feel free to change or ignore if you don't like them: blinded, really seeing for the first time / a secret that isn't a secret anymore / "In the past, it's always worried me when he said it, but this is one time he was right. This job is gonna be a piece of cake." That is when things take a steep turn downside and everything falls apart. Badly. /post cartoon canon, Wally or Barry comes back not from death but from... something callled Speed Force dimension? He's alive and well, isn't he?
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Dear WildAndFreeHearts, I'm so sorry for the delay in posting this gift for you. It's way less kinky and fluffier than what I meant like when I started working on it, and there's that unforeseen little bit of angst in the background too, so I really hope you don't mind and that you like it.

Context: Dick believed his best friend was died on his last stunt to save the world, so when Wally was back Dick just wanted to show him how relieved he was. He never meant to actually kiss him, though... however Wally didn't seemed to mind.
NSFW Art )
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I'm opening to commissions again. I'm just offering 15 slots for the time being, just to be sure I'll be able to get everyone's paid artwork done more quickly! (Last time I ended with making 51 drawings + several comic pages for 24 people, X-D ).

Like the last time each request will have one or two characters top and I'll keep the background simple, so no complex background requests, sorry. Backgrounds like on the samples are fine. Requesting gen, slash, femslash and het pairings is totally fine. Any fandom characters and OCs are fine. Winged characters don't require any additional payment (if you wonder, I was asked that a couple of times). If you wish for illustrations w/ sexual content, I'm fine with any rating and, uhm, probably any kink too. *laughs*

This time around I'm going to set a limit, sort-of: you can request 1 or 2 commissions at time. Requesting 3 or 4 will grant you a second slot though.

Just see the sample drawings below and read the prizes for each and if you are interested, please comment here below or email me at 002.jet.link (at) gmail.com or send a PM. Thanks so much in advance to any of you wish to help me! Oh, and feel free to pimp this post (please?) if you wish. :)

  • Lineart: 10 euros/14 dollars each

  • Lineart + monocromatic tones 15 euros/21 dollars each

  • Lineart + coloring 20 euros/28 dollars each

I use paypal for the payments.

On that note, I've sent a message to these people who said to be interested in requesting commissions from me some time in the past: [livejournal.com profile] eska818, Sarah (e-mail contact), [livejournal.com profile] perclexed, [livejournal.com profile] b7_kerravon, Anna (private contact), Nonymos (on AO3), [livejournal.com profile] smallbrownfrog, Mina (e-mail contact), [livejournal.com profile] brushed_velvet. Please let me know if I missed anyone and wish to be added. In the (lucky) event any of you isn't in time to request a slot, I'll give it to you anyway. :)

You can find the progression of the commissions here below (note: I'll work on the commissions according to the #chronological order of the payments):

slot 01: [livejournal.com profile] brushed_velvet - (1 drawing) - PAID - #13
slot 02: Sarah (priv(ate contact) - waiting for info (2 drawings)
slot xx: Anna (private contact) - waiting for info (1 drawing) not anymore
slot 03: [livejournal.com profile] legoline - (1 drawing) - PAID - #02 DONE
slot 04: [livejournal.com profile] b7_kerravon - (2 drawings) - PAID - #03 DONE and DONE
slot 05: [livejournal.com profile] b7_kerravon - (2 drawings) - PAID - #04 DONE and DONE
slot 06: [livejournal.com profile] moonilicious - (2 drawings) - PAID - #01 DONE and DONE
slot 07: [livejournal.com profile] del_rion - (2 drawings) - PAID - #05 DONE and DONE
slot 08: [livejournal.com profile] moonilicious - (2 drawings) - PAID - #06 First one DONE, second one waiting for info
slot 09: [livejournal.com profile] smallbrownfrog - (2 drawings) - PAID - #07 DONE and DONE
slot 10: [livejournal.com profile] smallbrownfrog - (2 drawings) - PAID - #08 both DONE
slot 11: [livejournal.com profile] nekocrouton - (2 drawings) PAID - #09 One DONE one on the works
slot 12: E.G. (private contact) - (1 drawing) PAID - #10 Working soon
slot 13: [livejournal.com profile] weirdlet - (2 drawings) - PAID - #11
slot 14: [livejournal.com profile] aimless38 - (1 drawing) - PAID - #12
slot 15: [livejournal.com profile] vibrant_daphne - (1 drawing) - PAID - #14
slot bonus: Anna - (2 drawings) - PAID - #15 Waiting for details

Art samples behind the cut )
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So, here are some doodles, unfinished sketches and stuff from some recent stories for the RBB I illustrated or other. Three of them were originally for the Cap/Ironman RBB 2013 stories, but  weren't picked or didn't made to the deadline.

While I'm at it I'd like to put out a commission offer, as I'm going through a very tough time and I feel desperate enough to ask this here, in case any of you would like to commission art from me. Maybe you would like to get your (original or any fandom) story illustrated, or you'd like any other kind of artwork. Just see the sample drawings below and read the prizes for each kind and if you are interested comment here below or send a PM or an email here: 002.jet.link (at) gmail.com . Thanks so much in advance if any of you do this, you would really help me and I'd be forever grateful to you. Oh, and feel free to pimp this post (please?) if you wish.

You can find the progression of the commissions here (note: I'll work on the commissions according to the #order of the payments):

Slot 1: [livejournal.com profile] the_kinky_pet
- PAID, working finally! :) (1 drawing + 4 comic pages, 4 done, 1 in the works) #1 DONE, HERE and HERE
Slot 2: [livejournal.com profile] del_rion
- PAID, working (2 drawings, 1 done, 1 in the works) #3 DONE
Slot 3: G.I. (private contact) - PAID, working soon (1 drawing) #7 DONE
Slot 4: [livejournal.com profile] jaune_chat
- PAID, working (2 drawings, 1 done one to go) #2 DONE
Slot 5: [livejournal.com profile] horizonlabs - PAID, working (2 drawings, 1 done 1 to go) #4 DONE
Slot 6: [livejournal.com profile] cameron_mckell - PAID, working (4 drawings, 3 done 1 to go) #6 DONE
Slot 7: [livejournal.com profile] snowbankdrifter - PAID, working (2 drawings, 1 done 1 in the works) #5 DONE
Slot 8: [livejournal.com profile] t_virus_wesker - PAID, working now (2 drawings, 1 done 1 in the works) #14 DONE
Slot 9: [livejournal.com profile] rexluscus
- PAID, working now (1 drawing) #10 DONE
Slot 10: [livejournal.com profile] enmuse
- PAID, working (2 drawings, 1 done 1 in the works) #8 DONE
Slot 11: [livejournal.com profile] winterstar95
- PAID, working now (1 drawing) #9 DONE
Slot 12: S.T. (private contact) -
PAID, working now (1 drawing) #13 DONE
Slot 13: [livejournal.com profile] nightwalker
- PAID, working soon (1 drawing) #19 DONE
Slot 14: KYH_bc - PAID,
in the works (2 drawings, 1 done 1 waiting for instructions) #12 DONE
Slot 15: [livejournal.com profile] yohkobennington
- PAID, working soon (2 drawings) #11 DONE
Slot 16: [livejournal.com profile] 51stcenturyfox
- PAID, waiting for email(4 drawings, 3 done 1 working) #18 DONE HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE.
Slot 17: [livejournal.com profile] peachpai
- PAID, working (1 drawing) #16 DONE
Slot 18: G.I. - PAID, in the works (4 drawings, 3 done 1 still working) #15 DONE
Slot 19: Sarah (private contact) - PAID, in the works (2 drawings, 1 done 1 working) #17
Slot 20: keroseneSteve - waiting for info (2 drawings) NOT PAID
Slot 21:
[livejournal.com profile] kiyaar
PAID, in the works (1 drawing) #22 DONE
Slot 22: R.M. (private contact) - PAID, working now (4 drawings) #20 DONE
Slot 23: [livejournal.com profile] tai823
- PAID, working (3 drawings) #21 DONE
Slot 24: [livejournal.com profile] brushed_velvet
- PAID, in the works (4 drawings) #23 DONE HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE.

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